Giving Back

“Earth provides enough to satisfy everyone's need, but not everyone's greed.”

With this simple message from Mahatma Gandhi, Butterfly Spirit Yoga commits to always giving back a proportion of its earnings towards fair and ethical solidarity and sustainability efforts around our world.

In particular, helping those that do not have a voice, are minorities, women and children who are suffering emotionally or physically. Abundance is within. Be open, be generous.

If you are an organisation that would like to partner with us or an individual that has a cause close to you heart, we would love to hear from you.



Yoga Stops Traffick Charity Event: March 2021

It is not what YOGA can do for YOU, but how YOU can GIVE BACK TO YOGA.

I hope this was a small start from our part.

We share our deepest gratitude to everyone that supported Butterfly Spirit Yoga, donating in person and anonymously, practicing with us in our classes, simply sending us good vibes!

Amazing women and fantastic men.
We love you and feel so lucky to have been given the opportunity to give back thanks to the magic of our own yoga practice.

It was a pleasure to partner with Federica to offer you two different styles of yoga in two different languages.

Also a pleasure to coordinate with Yoga Stops Traffick. Thank you Chloe and team!

Together. Practice Yoga. Feel Better. Support each other.



Breast Cancer Awareness Event: October 2021

As part Breast Cancer Awareness Month, this October 2021, Butterfly Spirit Yoga was honoured to partner with @fit4prevention in support of @keepabreast

We organised a month long series of donation-based yoga classes to help support their mission to “reduce breast cancer risk and its impact globally through art, education, prevention, and action.”

I was honoured to teach and grateful to share sessions with each one of these beautiful souls. Scroll right to see my fantastic team.

Malbert, Zohar, Viva, Maria, Pavla, Aicha, Cecilia, Teresa, Sophie, Jay, Giulia, Jessica, Martina, Ziva, Karim, Mans.
Your friendship and support is a true gift for me.

High level teachers from all around the world, 5 continents, over 15 classes in over 6 languages, 20 nationalities, men and women that have been there for each other and for me with generosity, respect, kindness and trust.

So many different people from such different backgrounds, races, beliefs, united by 1 love of yoga, sportsmanship and true open hearts.

Namaste. The light in me honours and respects the light in all of you.


Yoga Stops Traffick Charity Event: March 2022

Thank you all for joining our fabulous #YogiSayNOtoTraffick challenge on MARCH 28 – APRIL 1 to support @yogastopstraffick and for joining our Hatha donation live class, on Wednesday, March 30th.

We thank you for the generous donations and contributions to raise awareness within your communities.

The class was hosted live via the Butterfly Spirit Yoga Studio. A Hatha grounding sequence, inclusive for all experience levels, guided us to feel energised and balanced, in our body, mind and spirit.

We shared some beautiful open hearts and warrior poses, just like in the challenge, to convey the qualities that embody #yogastopstraffick and it’s mission: Unity, Support, Survival, Courage, Gratitude.