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Happy Students

Absolutely love Bea classes! She holds space, guides and cares for each and everyone that attends to her classes. Feeling blessed and honoured to have her as my yoga teacher.

C. Martins

Algarve, Portugal,

After a strange year Beatriz has reopened my eyes and my heart back to Yoga. With her, I have once again rediscovered the importance of breath, asana and yoga philosophy. She is an inspirational teacher and I am truly grateful for her 1-1 classes, knowledge and deep understanding. I am starting to rediscover myself...🙏🏼💖 Thank you

Kelly, H.

Rome, Italy

I have practiced with Beatriz in the studio and online for over a year. She is extremely welcoming and I always feel calm and centred after our practices. There is a great balance between the physical and the spiritual aspects of yoga and Beatriz is extremely knowledgeable. Even when we had to switch to online classes, I felt a great connection to her and really benefited from our sessions!

Gabrielle S.

Brussels, Belgium

I've been doing Beatriz's online yoga classes at butterfly spirit yoga for 3 months now and cannot recommend her highly enough. She is extremely skilled, knowledgeable and enthusiastic in her practice and as a beginner she has really helped me learn a lot about the benefits of yoga. I feel that I have improved significantly under her guidance. I really look forward to her classes and find them to be a very rewarding experience.

Deborah W.

London, UK

Beatriz is a great teacher with a very warming way of teaching. She guides the class with ease and accessibility to all levels. Beatriz is a warm person and manages to translate this into her class. I am definitely looking forward to her next class.

Jelena P.

Munich, Germany

To fully embrace a good yoga practice you to need to find a good yoga teacher. It is so uplifting, fulfilling and enlightening when you do! Beatriz opens up the whole world of yoga from the breath, to the poses to the spiritual philosophy in a supportive and encouraging way. She generously shares her knowledge and continuous learnings in abundance. She teaches many yoga methods, constantly adapting them to support and extend all levels of aptitude. Passionate, authentic, challenging, non-judgmental, restorative, energetic, calming, grounding, core-strengthening, confidence building, heart-opening. Namaste!

Carola C.

Scotland, UK

During the lockdown, between the restrictions imposed and working from home, I needed to reduce my pressure, keep my body active, but above all regain my energy balance. What better than to start practicing yoga at a distance!. But what to do, and with whom? After a long search, I met Beatriz at butterfly spirit yoga, who, with her Latin energy, her communicative gentleness, and with great professionalism guided me into this new adventure with immense benefits for my mind and body. Thank you, Beatriz, it is really a pleasure to follow your lessons that I highly recommend to everyone and especially to lazy people like me!

Fabio B.

Zurich, Switzerland

I have been following and enjoying Beatriz's yoga earth classes for the past 6 months. I love the energy that comes out of her, the love and passion she dedicates to yoga is shining through in all her classes. I have had the opportunity to join face to face as well as online classes and I am happy to say that the high vibration connection has been very much present in both experiences. The Yin yoga classes are also very much enjoyable. If you are looking for a precious me time I would certainly recommend Beatriz's hatha yoga classes for a dynamic and zen moment to share with yourself.

Valérie E.

Brussels, Belgium


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