Expand Your Breath

Breathe deeply, mindfully. This Prana is your life essence. Let your breath move you in your practice, into flow, beyond the mind, beyond ego.

Open Your Heart

Let go. Surrender. Surrender to the present moment, to love, to gratitude, to acceptance. Mirror how you practice on the mat in your everyday life.

Raise Your Spirit

Go within, find a deeper stillness through your practice to enable you to vibrate higher, creating the best expression of yourself, raising your happiness.

Move Your Body

Physical well-being is vital to help us live our best life, allowing us in turn to share this feel-good vibe and enrich the lives of everyone around us.


This Hatha Yoga class at butterfly spirit yoga will give you the opportunity to open your body in every asana (posture), connecting to the Earth element, while also creating a blissful experience of deep awareness within your intuitive feelings.

Balanced & grounding sequence based on Traditional Yoga practice.

Stability & flexibility through muscle engagement & active stretching.

Regular practice revitalises your energy, creating a blissful healing experience.

Safe and accessible, open to all levels.



Your Yin class at butterfly spirit yoga is a slower, more passive practice which will target deeper connective tissues in your body.

Gentle pressure is applied in asanas (poses) which are held for longer durations.

Beneficially activates meridians (energy lines) affecting our inner organs.

Flows are designed to target different areas, while creating space in your body and mind.

Suitable for all levels.



Power flow is a dynamic and invigorating flow practice, always moving safely and mindfully with your breath.

Safe and progressive sequence of asanas (postures) of moderate intensity.

Movement is linked with the breath in a smooth transition (Vinyasa).

Be in flow, still your mind while achieving a full body workout.

Open to all levels, though safe and attentive modifications and adjustments.



In the midst of transformation, one thing is constant and that is our breath. Pranayama (breathing techniques) and meditation effortlessly complement the physical asana practice enabling profound health, well-being and healing benefits, through our mind-body connection.

Pranayama breathing techniques will allow us to calm or energise or body from the inside.

Breathing purposefully enables a profound healing effect in the body.

Our meditation practice will help tune our attention inward, connecting to the present moment.

Safe and accessible, open to all levels.